About Us

What We Do

Treekeepers have been completing year round tree removal, tree maintenance, lot clearing, cord wood supplier and taking care of all tree care related needs of the Greater Montreal & surrounding areas and well as Akwesasne, NY since 2017.
Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation for all of your tree service needs—tree removal, lot clearing, tree trimming/pruning, storm cleanup, stump grinding, firewood delivery or any specialized tree services you may need.

We have the experience and expertise to handle any tree service job completely to your satisfaction, no matter the season.

Customers needing residential, or commercial tree services can count on the Treekeepers quality of work, esteemed reputation, unmatched credentials and competitive pricing to get any job done in a thorough and timely manner.

How we give back to our community

As an Indigenous business owner and Indigenous operated company, we strongly believe in the driving fact that all actions must serve their rightful purpose. We not only lead but we support our Indigenous communities by donating firewood, snow removal services to our local community members and organizing raffles, drives to benefit those in need.

The Treekeepers are always conscious about keeping an open mind to find new ways to contribute to our community. We strongly value our commitment to paving the way, in stone for our future leaders. We invest our time in the young men and women of the community to ensure that we instill strong morals and value to promote growth, healing and individual self-sufficiency and food sovereignty projects to help families stick together and promote the sense of togetherness of the Indigenous community as a whole.

Who We Are

With the Treekeepers, you’re getting more than just a tree service specialist. You’re also getting the kind of care and quality of work that you can find only at a family-owned business. We are a family owned, family run company. Whatever employees we hire, we include them in the family dynamic to constantly promote team spirit as well as personal, individual, and spiritual growth.
With our understanding of spirituality, one can also define personal individual growth as a way to integrate spirituality to a higher degree in our daily lives.

We have seen that we can compare human development with the achievement of virtuosity in a particular activity (for example, the craft of arboriculture). 

The basic rights of existence (the equal right of all beings to be on the earth, to develop and to carry out their tasks) must be so strongly internalized that in every situation we automatically act according to these rights without having to think about it. We refer to this ability as awareness or consciousness. Spiritual growth means developing this ability further.

As such, personal spiritual and individual growth is an integral part of our purpose of life and a driving factor that creates us, the Treekeepers.



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