Storm Emergency Services


No one wants to sit around waiting for help when disaster strikes. That’s why the Treekeepers offer 24-hour emergency tree services. Our team will work to remove hazardous fallen trees and branches safely without causing additional damage to your property. Schedule your emergency tree service today by calling 438-989-7605, and we’ll arrive at your location within 24 hours.


A few branches in your yard doesn’t always signal an emergency. However, if a storm hits and you find yourself with a dangerous situation in your yard, it’s time to call in a professional. Several reasons you might need 24-hour tree service include:

  • Wind damage
  • Lightning strikes
  • Damage from an ice storm
  • A vehicle collision with a tree
  • A fallen tree

Without the proper equipment- it is extremely dangerous to attempt to clear a hazardous tree on your own. Our 24-hour tree service team is trained and equipped to handle these emergency situations.

Call 438-989-7605 today to schedule your emergency tree service.

Fallen trees/ after disaster clearing

No tree stands forever. It is a simple fact of life.

If a tree falls on your property, quick removal is a necessity to maintain a safe environment for your family, pets, guests, and neighbors.

A tree that touches a powerline can cause shock hazards, power outages and fires. Downed power lines are extremely dangerous, and you should always assume that they are live.

Stay away from the tree & power line – under no circumstances you should try to remove a portion of the tree yourself!

Delaying the removal of a fallen tree poses another risk, namely parts, or all the tree shifting and falling further, or causing a major collapse of your house. A tree that has fallen on a house won’t sit in the same spot forever. It will either shift and fall off the side of the building, causing more damage to anything in its path, or the weight of the tree will cause the roof and potentially more of the house’s structure to collapse, bringing potential harm to anyone who is inside.

Because of these risks, it is crucial that you trust a certified expert in tree removal to get the job done quickly and safely.

If a tree happens to fall on your property:

The first thing you need to do is to leave the affected area as soon as possible, through the safest possible route. Having an evacuation plan will go a long way in making sure your family stays safe in the event of a tree falling on your home. Make sure you practice the plan with your family and when the time comes when you need to evacuate your home, focus on nothing but the safety of you and your family.

Afterwards, call emergency services, the Treekeepers can be reached at 438-989-7605, we will come to make sure the house is safe to re-enter.

Tree removal is one of our most popular services, and one we are especially adept at. We know how to deal with fallen trees wherever they may lie. We are the best choice for having the tree removed safely so you don’t have to worry about putting yourself at risk to take care of it.

Tree Takedown / Felling

At the Treekeepers, serving the South shore, Greater Montreal area and surrounding communities, we offer the safe and professional removal of dead, diseased, or unwanted trees from your yard or a commercial property. By calling our tree removal experts, you’ll avoid common DIY pitfalls – damage to your home or nearby structures, harm to the surrounding landscape, as well as serious personal injury.

Our family-owned company specializes in tree removal that’s quick and thorough. Our highly trained tree technicians have the expertise and knowledge to properly take down trees of any size.

Why Choose Tree Removal?

The basic process that the Treekeepers uses on each project starts with an assessment of the situation and asking questions such as:

  • Why does this tree need to come down?
  • Is it diseased, rotten, dead, or dying?
  • Are its roots too close to your home’s foundation?
  • If there were a storm, does it post a threat to your home or property?
  • Is the tree blocking sunlight from your home or other trees?
  • Is it located in a dangerous area, such as too close to utility lines?
  • Can part of it be saved?

These are all significant issues that one of our technicians will need to assess, and every tree removal is different. While you may think it’s just a matter of grabbing a chainsaw and cutting the tree down, it can be quite complicated. The Treekeepers start by developing a plan to safely remove the tree based on the valuation above, as well as to optimize safety for your home, yard, and our crew.

Tree Trimming

How can you keep your trees looking their best? By calling the Treekeepers, serving the South shore, Greater Montreal area and surrounding communities. Our licensed and insured experts offer complete care, including tree trimming and tree pruning for residential, commercial, and municipal customers. We even offer 24/7 emergency assistance after a severe storm – we’ll come out and trim branches or remove entire trees if they pose a hazard.

Extreme situations aside, tree maintenance from the Treekeepers includes:

Evergreen Trimming

While pines and spruce trees require little attention, overgrowth can block sidewalks and sight lines, creating a hazard for people walking or driving. We’ll come out in spring or mid-summer to shape the tree, then remove dead, diseased or broken branches.

Dormant Tree Trimming

Once a tree loses all its leaves in the winter and goes dormant, we can really see what limbs need to be cut back or removed for tree health and to prevent weakened branches from breaking off in a storm and causing damage to your home or property.

Young Tree Pruning

To ensure proper structure and long-term health, our skilled arborists can begin trimming young trees once they reach 10-15 feet in height. We’ll cut off root suckers, thin excessive branches, remove limbs to shape the trunk and trim oddly angled branches.

In addition, proper maintenance will help ward off attacks from local pests that can damage or kill your tree, even wreak havoc on the rest of your yard. Trimming also enables your tree to get the proper dose of sunlight and oxygen, no scraggly branches or clumps of dead leaves and debris to cause blockages.

Vista Pruning

Vista pruning is selective pruning to allow a view from a predetermined point. Vista pruning is often performed to thin the trees and branches to improve the view, open up skyline, remove the unwanted obstacles, etc. Vista pruning does not always require complete tree removal in the area, it rather allows to cut a “window” in the existing landscape, preserving the natural beauty of the garden. The method’s main concern is the preservation of the trees that have undergone the procedure.

The method can be used any time of year, however the best result is achieved during the winter months, due to the absence of foliage, as well as tree’s dormancy state. There are two types of vista pruning: crown reduction and tree thinning. The former is performed whenever the skyline needs to be opened, while the latter improves light and air flow, as well as opens up the view through the trees.

Vista pruning is often carried out in agreement with the neighbors, as the technique may affect the view in several gardens. Make sure an agreement between all interested sides is secured. Vista pruning is typically performed once every two years, however the timeframe may vary depending on the type of the trees in your garden. Our professional arborists can help you determine what type of service is needed in your case. Contact us now AT 438-989-7605 to get A free estimate.

Wood Chipping

Tree chipping is a common means of removing limbs and branches after they have been cut. Most tree trimming and tree removal companies like ours, have portable tree chippers.

Tree chipping is an essential part of having trees cut down and removed. Cutting down a tree always involves getting rid of the material. Once the wood has been chipped it can be hauled away, used as bark, or even spread back over the land to fertilize soil. This makes tree chipping an environmentally friendly approach to removing and recycling tree waste.

Whether it’s an emergency tree removal, a general tree removal or if you simply want to improve your landscape, our tree experts produce brilliant results. When processing the tree, the mulch is chipped directly into our trucks to keep things neat and tidy. Once the tree has been processed through the woodchipper, the forest mulch can be left on site at no charge to you or we are more than happy to take it away. The choice is all yours!

Benefits of Wood Chipping

  • Reduces a large amount of yard debris without burning
  • Woodchips can be used for growing mushrooms
  • Woodchips can be used for lining paths or mulching areas
  • Tidies the yard in compliance with your municipality

Lot Clearing

Clear a path or prepare an entire lot for construction. The Treekeepers serving the South shore, Greater Montreal area and surrounding communities with professional residential and commercial tree lot clearing services. We specialize in safe, efficient, and effective removals and outstanding results.

We offer licensed and insured services for all tree lot clearing needs:

  • Trees and bushes removed
  • Brush and under-growth clearing
  • Stump grinding and removal
  • Construction site preparation
  • Real estate investor lot clearing
  • Homeowner lot clearing, mitigation


Just give the Treekeepers a call at 438-989-7605, and we’ll schedule time with one of our tree technicians. Once at your home or property, they will complete a walk-thru to evaluate your trees, stumps, brush and more – then recommend the best tree lot clearing processes to remove unwanted trees.

Whether it’s elm, pines or any other medium to large trees, our crews handle it all. We can also clean up fence lines overrun with grass, weeds, brush, and small trees. If you’ll be leaving some trees on the property, we can trim overgrowth to ensure they’re healthy for years to come.

Call the Treekeepers today at 438-989-7605 to schedule your tree lot clearing service today.

The Benefits of Tree Lot Clearing

Whether cleaning up personal acreage or preparing for land development, your first step is bringing in the pros to clear out those unwanted trees, along with their stumps and roots. Here’s why:

Room to Roam – Whether you want to install a pool at your home or build a multi-family apartment building in the city, we’ll give you all the space you need.

Fire Safety – Even if you have a spot to build, look around. If you back up to forested areas or simply have a lot of vegetation, you’ll want it cleared out to reduce fire hazards.

Eye of the Beholder – We’re nature lovers here in Kahnawake, so if you’re considering tree lot clearing, we’ll help you find that best way to trim back and highlight your most stellar views.

Firewood Sales & Delivery

If you need firewood, you’ve come to the right place!


Do you have a question you need to be answered first?  Just give us a call at 438-989-7605

Finding a firewood sales and delivery company may not be top of mind during the warmer months, but it’s the perfect time to place an order. As winter approaches and the snow starts to fall, the Treekeepers will be running firewood across the South shore, Greater Montreal area and surrounding communities as well as northern communities such as Saint-Sauveur, Ste Adele, Saint Agathe, Saint-Lucie for 5 cords or more, so catch us ahead of time, and we’ll be at your doorstep in no time flat.

And if you procrastinated, no problem. We’re able to drop off all the wood you need to keep your home warm and utility bills in check for the winter.